Using SMART to predict the likelihood for disk failure

Modern Hard Disk implements a System called SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting) that uses the electronics on the drive to store diagnostic and perform various tests which will help in the prediction of imminent failure of the Hard Disk.

First Step: Enable SMART in BIOS

Check and Enabled in the Computer’s BIOS/firmware menu if it not defaulted

Second Step: Install smartmontools

# dnf install smartmontools

Check SMART data can be accessed

# smartctl --info /dev/sdb

SMART health check

# smartctl --health /dev/sdb

The information may be minimal. You need to either run a short test or a long run

# smartctl --test=short /dev/sdb
# smartctl --test=long /dev/sdb

When the smartctl test has completed, do take a look at

# smartctl --log=selftest /dev/sdb

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